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Choose what ever fits you - choose after your personal waist measure + 1-2 cm, unless the measure of your hip does not fit (is too small)

Kontorbasker is such a skirt, that is really nice for everyday life. Fx. if you work in an office. It is nice with a pair of sneaks or with long boots. It is just a question of styling.
The skirt is knitted sideways with short rows in ridges and it is nicest in Geilsk Tynd uld, as it will not get too heavy with this quality.
The pattern is made so you can make 4 different lengths and the sizes are very individual after your personal hip- and waist measure.

Finished waist width: 
62,40 (67,20) 72 (76,80) 81,80 (86,40) 91,20 (96) 100,80 (105,60) 110,40 (115,20) 120 (124,80) 129,60 cm. Choose your waistline + 1-2 cm
Needle size: 
Circular needle no. 3 mm
25 sts x 50 rows = 10 x 10 cm in ridges
Geilsk Tynd uld, 100 % wool, 288m/50gr
Elastic, 2 cm wide
This package contains yarn suitable for the size of your choice and pattern for all sizes

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