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There are lots of discounts on 2 shades of Geilsk Bomuld og uld from 10th – 17th May.

You get 1% on every skein yarn, you buy. The discount applies up to 25% on the full amount. That is, you buy 10 ngl, you get 10%, you buy 25 ngl, you get 25%, and if you buy 50 ngl, you get 25%. The discount will be deducted manually, so you must approve the full amount.

The yarn consists of 55% wool and 45% cotton, mixed and spun into a whole. The yarn runs 232m / 50gr and can be easily used instead of Geilsk Thin Wool. All Geilsk Thin Wool recipes can be used for this yarn.

The quality is particularly suitable for children and delicate men, as it has the warmth and lightness of the wool and the "fatness" of the cotton.

Needle size: 
Pind 3.0 mm
26-28m x 34p = 10 x 10 cm i glatstrik
Geilsk Bomuld og uld, 232m/50gr, 45% bomuld og 55% uld
Leveres i 50 gr ngl

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