ChiaoGoo Circular needles

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Here we work with ChiaoGoo circular needles, both because we cannot help it and because these needles are the best on the market.
A circular needle is not only a circular needle. Who hasn´t tried to almost go bonkers over a pair of needles that twists and turns in its own direction....? it will not be an issue with theese needles. We ensure you, that this is a super product.

The transition between the needle and the wire is often a problem for many knitters. It is difficult when the stitches is stuck in the transition and you have to help them on to the needle. This is not necessary here. The needle is made with a solid wire, so it will not seperate form the needle.

The needle is made of polished surgical steed which makes it extra smooth and nice to hold. The tip is very sharp, but in the good way. You will not get hurt when you knit. A sharp tip is necessary when you knit lace patterns, here of the name ChiaoGoo Red Lace.

Good luck with your new ChiaoGoo knitting needles. It does not get better than this.

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