Addi Turbolace Circular needles

De bedste strikkepinde til prisen
De bedste strikkepinde til prisen
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It is a kind of clone of the Lace- and the Turbo needles. They have the same sharp point as the Lace needle, and the smooth coating as the Turbo needle. In USA they call it "Rocket". We call it "Turbo Lace".

If you do not know ADDI circular needles, you will be surpriced how lovely they are to knit with. It is not without reason they are called Turbo needles. The stitches slides easy and effortless over the needle. The transition between needle and cable is imperceptible and the cable does not have a life of its own. The cable is soft and manageable. The needles are made of brass. They are hollow and weigh almost nothing. Even though you have nickel allergy, you can use them, says nickel allergy sufferes.
I only knit with ADDI circular needles both when it is straight ahead or round.

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