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A yarn fiddle is that, what all knitters have needed, without knowing it. On this yarn fiddle you can place your yarn balls and cones. You can even use it with 2 similar yarn balls at once. When you need to have your knitting with you, you can just lift-off your yarn, or take the fiddle with you. So there is something to talk about ...

The yarn stays on the yarn fiddle, whilst you knit, and you do not need to draw the yarn, when you need a new “portion”. At the same time, you avoid the yarn getting twisted, when the thread comes of your yarn ball. Easy and simple, knitting without any problems. The bottom is made with an ingenious system, so the top spins, but the bottom stays put – so it is not just your ordinary paper towel holder :-)

17 x 10 cm, vægt 300 gr

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