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On the occasion of my 10th Anniversary with Geilsk, I have for the first time made a Mystery Knit Along.

The secret product is a shawl knitted in Geilsk Tynd uld. It is called Resumé as it is a summery of some of the different patterns I have used over the last 10 years.

The mystery is solved, but you can still buy the pattern and the materials for the shawl. Here you have different options:

Option 1: You choose to buy only the main colour + the pattern, because you have a lot of leftovers yourself.

Option 2: You choose to buy a full package + the pattern. Here you must choose the main color. We have chosen the 14 different colors for you.

Option 3: You choose to buy yarn for a solid colour shawl + the pattern.

Option 4: You buy only the pattern.

The wool is my lovely Geilsk Tynd uld, which runs very nicely on the needle and gives a nice warm and light shawl.You will need a circular needle with a good tip, as lacepatterns are included in some of the clues.
Photos can be posted under the hashtag #Geilsk_mystery_kal_resume on Instagram and Facebook.



180 x 65 cm

Guiding yarn usage: 

Geilsk Tynd uld, 288m/50g, 100% uld
Multicolour: 3 skeins solid colour à 50 g + 14 colours à 10 g
Solid colouredt: 5 skeins à 50 g

This package contains yarn suitable for the size of your choice and pattern for all sizes
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