Stainless Steel - Red wire Lace Circular Needle

Here you can buy some of the best knitting needles on the market. A circular needle isn't just a circular needle. Who hasn't tried to burst with impatience over knitting with an old metal needle that just twists and turns in its own way? This is not an issue here. You will get addicted knitting with these needles and you will use them in all your knitting projects. We assure you that this is a brilliant product.

The joins between the needle and the cable are often a problem. The stitches get stuck in the join and you have to help them up onto the needle. That is not a problem here either as the parts fit beautifully together

ChiaoGoo knitting needles are made in polished surgical steel or in quality bamboo which makes it extra smooth and nice to hold.

As the needle is hollow inside, the warmth from your hands will quickly warm up the needle and the stitches will flow beautifully.

The bamboo needle is nicely polished without any annoying grates. I am even surprised by how lovely it is.

The lace tip is sharp. Not so sharp that you will cut yourself, but sharp in the good way. A sharp tip is necessary when you knit lace patterns. Hence also the name ChiaoGoo Red Lace. You will not find that the tip is rough or blunt – if you do, we will replace it immediately. Another advantage with a sharp tip is, if you knit a little loose. Think about knitting more on the tip and your stitches will naturally get smaller.

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