About Bente Geil and Geilsk

My name is Bente Geil, I have been educated on Skals Håndarbejdsseminarium and do now live in Silkeborg. My company is called Geilsk, because I have my own and therefore geilsk’ way of doing things.

Different words with “sk” can tell more about my design and my values.

My design has to be a-typical. It also has to contain different techniques, as I seek to break with our knitting education: what we are allowed to, and what we can. I seek a solution to that, what I want with my design, and steer it in thát direction in stead of letting the design be steered by what I can.

I want to invent new things, and I know that this cannot be done. In the end the stitch is either knitted or purled, but it is all that, that happens around it, that can be thought seminal.

It has to be humorous. It feels very special, when humour and design are equal.

When I sit and think about a funny name for one of my designs, and I think: Yes, of course.

When my designs are named as they are, it is because it means something to me. They are not just a sweater with buttons or a number in line. Well, by the way: there is one, which is called No. 8. There can be an exception. And there is by the way also a design, which is called: the Exception.

It must also be classic and Danish. I design by classic rules. Not too much of something and usually with a finesse, that suits it. I have a motto, which is: Why should this be, and what is the meaning of it? If I cannot answer, it will not stand in knitting court, for I should not do it, just because I can. I am part of the designing spirit, which is characteristic for Danish knitting design and Danish design in general, and that I am proud of.

The little man in my logo has been following me, since my eldest son was around 3 years old. The man looks at me with his uneven eyes and his happy smile and tells me, that it is ok to be different. That is the way I also want my knitting design to be: Simple as the little man’s lines and yet with a twist away from the common idea of knitting.

Geilsk develops and sells knitting design together with yarn and accessories.

The company started in 2007 in the basement with just 10 boxes of yarn and a web shop. Today, we have 436 square meters and yarn by the tons, and we have both a web shop and a chain of retailers inside and outside Denmark.

In our web shop it is important to us to give a good and present buying experience. We are very attentive on your order and seek to give you the best product. We enquire with pleasure, if there is something about your order, which could seem wrong.

As a whole sale company, it is important to us to give our retailers the best conditions for their shops. Therefore we prioritize to deliver our products fast and jointly. We take the time necessary to check the orders and do not send blindly, but do take contact if something seems to be out of order.


With kind regards

Bente Geil



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