Geilsk develops and sells knitting design together with yarn and accessories.

The company started in 2007 in the basement with just 10 boxes of yarn and a web shop. Today, we have 436 square meters and yarn by the tons, and we have both a web shop and a chain of retailers inside and outside Denmark.

In our web shop it is important to us to give a good and present buying experience. We are very attentive on your order and seek to give you the best product. We enquire with pleasure, if there is something about your order, which could seem wrong.

As a whole sale company, it is important to us to give our retailers the best conditions for their shops. Therefore we prioritize to deliver our products fast and jointly. We take the time necessary to check the orders and do not send blindly, but do take contact if something seems to be out of order.

We are on fairs. As Geilsk has no physical shop, it is important to us to be there, where the knitting community is. We see it as an opportunity to exhibit our products to both private customers and retailers.

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